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About Us

Dorm Docks LLC

(Dorm Dock in production)

Cousins MacColl and Nick both love their longboards. During their time in college, they realized they needed a way to store both their boards in their shared dorm. Having a roommate who also owns multiple boards was a hassle. Leaving them against the walls damaged the walls and leaving them on the floor was a tripping hazard. They searched but couldn't find anything that fit their need. After all, wall mounted racks aren't allowed in dorm rooms.

(Freshly-made Dorm Docks at the shop)

Fast forward and now Dorm Docks LLC produces its own board rack designed for more than just dorm rooms: also apartments, events, and households with multiple kids who board - fitting skateboards, shortboards, longboards, and snowboards.

(Early Dorm Dock prototype at a San Diego beach)

Dorm Docks first started as an idea a few years ago and has seen iteration after iteration of the Dorm Dock design. Now it has arrived at what we believe is the best it can be - high quality, affordable price, two size options, and additional storage for shoes and other belongings/gear.

(Current 2-slot Dorm Dock in it's natural habitat - a dorm room)

 We make these because we want them for our own boards and we love what we created. Check them out, I think you'll love them too.

-Nick Flowers,
Co-founder of Dorm Docks